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I'm excited to be introducing my debut memoir: How Did I Get Here!- Traveling The Road To Resilience. This is the culmination of a lot of late evenings and weekend work to produce what I hope will help you gain confidence, be inspired and develop resilience to help you chase your personal and professional dreams, overcome and reconcile any grief or loss you may have or be experiencing, and ultimately flourish.

Are You Ready?

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My Story

Andrew Fitzgerald is a native of Ireland and now resides in Oceanside, California. He’s the author of How Did I Get Here? A global beverage brand builder, Andrew has launched, managed, and scaled some of the world’s biggest alcohol brands through his unique approach with retailers, distributors, and sales teams. Additionally, he’s an expert in negotiation and coaching sales teams in the corporate world.


Andrew has travelled extensively throughout the United States which ultimately resulted in making a permanent move with his wife in 2012. His immigration resulted in many challenges, fears he faced, and the resiliency he demonstrated in facing adversity.


A father, husband, and author, Andrew speaks on what it takes to be successful in the corporate world and how to overcome health crises and other losses. His experiences allow him to show others how to recover in order to flourish and thrive with resilience.


Andrew enjoys all sports, especially golf, as well as cooking and hiking when he’s not thinking about the next big brand launch. He’s available to work as a coach/consultant with individuals, teams, and companies in all industries. 


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