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Sometimes the best advice and inspiration comes in the form of another's words.

I invite you to trek through four key areas of my life and experiences I have navigated in my debut memoir: How Did I Get Here? A journey and lessons learned from health, crises, emigration and business. Be inspired and develop resilience to help you chase your personal and professional dreams, overcome and reconcile any grief or loss you may have or be experiencing, and ultimately flourish.

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Introducing Andrew Fitzgerald's debut memoir:
How Did I Get Here? Traveling The Road To Resilience

Journey with me through four key sections detailing my life and experiences I have navigated:
Dying twice and being resuscitated. (Yes, you read that correctly)

Growing up in Ireland, immigrating to America and the challenges that brought but also the great adventure.

My extensive corporate sales experience, launching, managing and growing beverage brands, overcoming setbacks, as well as detailing what it takes to be a great retail partner and completely customer-centric.
The heartbreak of four miscarriages that my wife and I experienced until our fifth pregnancy went full term and our son was born.

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Meet Andrew Fitzgerald

Andrew Fitzgerald is a native of Ireland and now resides in Oceanside, California. He’s the author of How Did I Get Here?


A global beverage brand builder, Andrew has launched, managed, and scaled some of the world’s biggest alcohol brands through his unique approach with retailers, distributors, and sales teams. Additionally, he’s an expert in negotiation and coaching sales teams in the corporate world.

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